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"AMRITAM GHEE" made from Desi Gir Cow's pure A2 milk. Amritam Ghee is easier on digestion. It's completely organic produced by 'Bilona Method'

Kansa Face Wand

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Presenting to you a very powerful anti ageing tool - The Kansa Face Wand. The most Powerful and Efficient tool of Ayurveda for healthy skin. Kansa Wand is a wooden handle tool with two magical metals on the tip, i.e. Copper & Tin. Both the Metals have their unique capabilities to enhance your facial beauty. When Combined with Amritam A2 Ghee & Amritam Gold Herbal Ghee - it creates magic.

It is used for Facial massage such as on cheeks, jawline, forehead, neck & also on Shoulders. Kansa Wand has numerous benefits from drawing out toxins from the skin to giving relief to muscular tensions; it has innumerous benefits.

we have found the perfect partner for our magic portion to give you back your golden youthful glow.