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Ayurvedic Dental Care Kit

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Ayurvedic Dental kit 

Comes with 

- oil pulling oil 

- Gum massage oil 

- Tooth powder 

- Copper tongue scraper

- Brass cup  

Step 1 - Irimeda oil pulling

Fill up the metal cup provided in the kit with oil. Pour it in mouth carefully not be swallowed. Start swishing all over mouth and side by side. Continue for 5 to 10 minutes and spit out. 

Step 2 - Tooth powder

After a while sprinkle powder over tooth brush and brush teeth all over lightly in circular motion. Rinse mouth well with clean water.

Step 3 - Copper tongue scrapper.

Scrap the tongue well and rinse mouth once again with clean water.

Step 4 - Gums massage oil

Apply all over Gums at night before sleep time. Massage lightly and leave along