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Amritam Global - Amritam Global has the vision of promoting global wellness by producing and marketing A2 Desi cow based Products from the Indian “Bos Indicus” breeds of Cows. Bringing back the richness of Indian Traditional Culture - we have careful...

Ayurvedic Sandalwood Face Creme 15gm

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Did you know - This Face Cream Moisturizes the skin and has “Stress Reliving” effects? 

Yes - According to the research, alpha-santalol, which is a major compound found in sandalwood essential oil, actually helps in making you attentive and improving your mood. This oil can potentially provide relief from stress, anxiety, and depression too.


🌈100% Natural 

🧪Chemical Free 

👼Child Friendly.  

Sandalwood Face Creme with the goodness of Sweta-chandan, Balamoola, Kustha, Manjistha, Tila tail, Desi Gau Dugdha, Bees Wax, Sandalwood Oil.

- Desi cow milk combined with sandalwood gives moisturizing cooling stress relieving effects on facial skin.