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Beauty Elixir - Kumkumaadi serum 15ml

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As mentioned in ancient Ayurveda texts for Beauty and Wellness kumkumadi oil is revered as luxury facial skin care being saffron as key ingredient. When used as skin care routine one can see noticeable difference in dark patches pigmentation and dark circles. All other ingredients processed together helps remove toxins and dirt gracefully surfacing glowing and flawless skin

For best results spray little water on clean face and apply few drops of serum. Massage lightly with kansa wand and leave it on for a while or overnight as desired. Scrub with face detox powder. 
  • Additional Information

    Kumkumaadi serum 


    * Tightens the skin and prevents aging. 

    * Reduces fine lines & pigmentation. 

    * Nourishes & Hydrates the skin

    * 100% Natural & Ayurvedic

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