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Kansa Body Wand

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Presenting to you a very powerful detoxifying & rejuvenating tool - The Kansa Body Wand. The most Powerful and Efficient tool of Ayurveda for healthy body & skin. Kansa Wand is a wooden handle tool with two magical metals on the tip, i.e. Copper & Tin. 

Kansa Wand has numerous benefits from drawing out toxins from the skin to giving relief to muscular tensions; it has innumerous benefits.

we have found the perfect partner for our magic portion to give you back your golden youthful glow. When Combined with Amritam A2 Ghee & Amritam Gold Herbal Ghee - it creates magic.

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    6cm Diameter 14cm Length

    Benefits of Kansa Wand:-

    Rejuvenates Marma Points

    Oxygenate the skin from within

    Reduces Inflammation

    Stimulates & Restores tissues

    Gives you Smooth and Glowing Skin

    Reduces Fine-lines and Wrinkles

    Removes Toxins from the skin

    Improves flow of the lymphatic system

    Balances pH of the skin

    Strengthen the Nerves

    Regulates Digestive System

    Regulates Sleep Patterns

    Why Choose US?

    100% teak wood handles with a base of pure Metal Kansa (copper + tin)

    Ayurvedic & Authentic

    No Side Effects

    Free from Chemicals & Artificial Fragrances

    Pure, Natural & Therapeutic Enriched with Best Essential Oils

    GMP Certified

    Made in India

    How to use the Kansa Wand:-

    The first step is to apply a few drops of AMRITAM GHEE on the specific body part before Massaging with Kansa Wand.

    Then you must gently massage with the Kansa Wand in a clock-wise direction or anti-clockwise direction on the body portion where you have applied ghee. Apply a small amount of pressure gradually as you start massaging, and if it shows the greying effect, then your skin is getting detoxified.

    Continue to massage vigorously for 15-20 Minutes to get Desirable results from the Kansa wand.

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