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Vapor Rub Balm

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Vapor Rub Balm - Helps Heal Nasal Congestion & common cold. Loved my many a Mums & Kids. 

Vapor Rub*

Properties of ingredients as mentioned in Dravyagun vigyan by Acharya priyavrat sharma...

Go ghrita...helps with quick and easy penetration of other medicinal ingredients, helps regenerate tissue cells, softens skin.

Coconut oil...heals skin cracks, reduces inflammation.

Bees wax...natural emulsifier, heals skin cracks, moisturizes. 

Camphor, Ajmet, Menthol oils... relieves burning sensation, cough, cold, fever, throat infection 

Nilgiri oil... relieves cough , cold. 

Jayphala oil... relieves fever, hiccups, cough , cold

Vapor balm - 100 % Natural & Ayurvedic recipe. Great for kids & Adults - gives relief in nasal congestion, cold, fever, throat infection & reduces inflammation.