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"AMRITAM GHEE" made from Desi Gir Cow's pure A2 milk. Amritam Ghee is easier on digestion. It's completely organic produced by 'Bilona Method'

Suvarn Lehyam 300ml

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In Stock
SKU: SL-02

SuvarnaLehyam is a Purified Gold based Ayurvedic Immunization for Teenagers and Adults.

सुवर्ण च भवेत्सवादु तिक्तम स्निग्धम हिमम गुरु ।

बुद्धिविद्यास्मृतिकरम विषहारी रसायनम ।।

Gold when ingested in Purified form prepared with Desi Gau Ghee in prescribed dose increases intelligence, common sense and memory. When helps expel toxins from all over the body. It serves as Rasayan - Rejuvenator.

Ayurvedic raw drugs like Pippali, Bala, Kumkuma, etc when processed with Desi Cow Ghee becomes highly potent and beneficial when combined with Raw Honey.

Suvarna Lehyam is prepared in line with authentic ayurvedic standards and methods. It is a combination of Medicated ghrit prepared from Desi Cow Ghee, Purified Hallmark Gold and Raw Honey.