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Amritam Global - Amritam Global has the vision of promoting global wellness by producing and marketing A2 Desi cow based Products from the Indian “Bos Indicus” breeds of Cows. Bringing back the richness of Indian Traditional Culture - we have careful...

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ButterMilk - 1 litre


Buttermilk/chaach is made fresh from our farms desi cows A2 milk in the traditional Ayurvedic way.


7 days a week & Monthly subscriptions available. 

Moringa Buttermilk 1 litre


A2 Buttermilk with the added goodness of farm fresh organic Moringa leaves, lightly spiced with cumin, pepper & salt. The most nutritious & delicious way to have the superfood “Moringa”. Best immunity booster + great for gut health. Can’t get more goodness in one bottle :)

A2 Amritam - Herb Fed Raw Milk (Deliveries in Delhi & Gurgoan only)


“Purity is Luxury”

Did you know.. more than 68% of milk & products are adulterated. Most commonly used are detergent, urea, starch, Caustic Soda, glucose, white paint & refined oil. The WHO had recently issued an advisory that if contamination of milk is not checked - 87% of citizens would be suffering from serious diseases like cancer.

Amritam A2 Herb Fed Milk has the goodness of herbs fed to our Desi Gau Matas in a balanced proportion. These include potent herbs like

1. Ashwagandha

2. Shatavari

3. Jeevanti

4. Moringa

5. Giloy

Along with being free grazed on green “Dhruva Grass” pastures the goodness in their Amrit Milk is beyond comprehension. Highest vitamin D & Vitamin A levels as per testing by European testing lab reports. It is believed “Gold Salts” are produced by the “surtaketu nadi” vein of Desi humped cows that is instrumental in enhancing ones Immunity & Wellbeing 🙏