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Amritam Global - Amritam Global has the vision of promoting global wellness by producing and marketing A2 Desi cow based Products from the Indian “Bos Indicus” breeds of Cows. Bringing back the richness of Indian Traditional Culture - we have careful...


Client UAE

I have been using your ghee for the last 6 months, I really appreciate the quality of your product, even my kids relish the taste of your pure desi ghee. Thank you for bringing this liquid gold in a market full of adulteration, Our day starts and ends with Amritam ghee, wishing team Amritam good luck and lots of love. I highly recommend your products.

Anuja Pal

Client UAE

Home Baker & Blogger

 An "Elixir" with the goodness of Herbs like Ashwagandha, Giloy, Moringa, Jeevanti & Shatavari - to heal you & elevate your soul. In Ayurveda "Ghee" is considered to be a highly effective medium for transporting the healing nature of herbs, deep into the body tissues.

Have been using the Ghee, as well as the Nasya. Can see the difference in the regular Ghee i bring from the store and Amritamglobal ghee. The aroma of the ghee is really good. And making curries in this ghee gives me a very good flavour.

Neeta Mundra



Amritam Ghee is so divine and the aroma is pure bliss. The taste, flavour and texture of this ghee is simply unmatched.

Dr Shyam


Founder Chairman Reiki Healing Foundation & “A Veteran Naturopath”

First time I came to know what is real ghee flavour and taste. Wonderful

Dr NK Sharma

Reiki Healing & Mystic Sciences


I have been using Amritam Ghee for the past few weeks and I completely love it. 


Content Creator