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Amritam Global - Amritam Global has the vision of promoting global wellness by producing and marketing A2 Desi cow based Products from the Indian “Bos Indicus” breeds of Cows. Bringing back the richness of Indian Traditional Culture - we have careful...

Amritam A2 Ghee 250 ml

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 Ayurvedic Desi Ghee made from A2 Milk

100% Organic - 250 ml

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    "AMRITAM GHEE" made from Desi Gir Cow's pure A2 milk .

    Ghee at our farm is made from our Happy Desi Cow's milk who freely grazed and fed only the best quality organic feed & herbs.

    It is prepared in small batches the original Vedic way known as the "Bilona method" where all the milk is first set into curd, and then the curd is churned to separate the butter from the buttermilk. This butter is then heated to turn it into ghee giving it a much higher nutritional content as compared to any other ghee made from 'malai' .

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