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Amritam Global - Amritam Global has the vision of promoting global wellness by producing and marketing A2 Desi cow based Products from the Indian “Bos Indicus” breeds of Cows. Bringing back the richness of Indian Traditional Culture - we have careful...

Amritam Gold Herbal Ghee - 250ml

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Amritam Gold - Herbal Ghee with the goodness of Herbs fed to our cows in a balanced proportion. These herbs are not only great for the cows health & wellbeing, but also get digested and passed on with their goodness to us. This has been the traditional secret to good health & vitality. Freely grazed & lovingly reared indigenous cows have been worshipped for their virtue to heal humans in many ways. These potent herbs like Ashwagandha, Giloy, Shatavari, Jeevanti, moringa etc along with the natural goodness of Ghee are much more effective & easy to absorb by the body as well.